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FutureAd founded in 1997 to help businesses capitalize on the growth and potential of the World Wide Web.
The Company's charter is to become a single-source Internet partner with businesses looking to incorporate Internet technologies and related solutions into their overall corporate strategy. FutureAd is a full service e-Business developer with capabilities for designing your online advertising materials,programming and marketing planning. All under one roof, on a foundation of business experience.

Dental Clinic web design

Client:Nova Dentech

Website: novadentech.com

Location: Toronto & Mississauga

Nova Dentech Inc laboratories are full service laboratories offering a comprehensive line of fixed and removable dental restorations. Our technicians are in direct contact for case planning, material selection and/or problem solving.

  • Proffesional and elegant design
  • According to client's specifications
  • Digital on-site photography
  • Maintnance and web hosting

art gallery web design

Client: Inuit Artist Gallery

Website: AbrahamRuben.com

Location: Vaughan, Yorkville Toronto

Powerful, compelling, exquisite are but a few of the words to describe the work of master sculptor Abraham Anghik Ruben.
Stories, myths and legends of ancient Northern cultures find new life and expression through his work. Linked by strong narratives, his sculptures speak of cultures lost and times forgotten.

Functions and Features

  1. Easy to navigate and update
  2. Unlimited online product database.
  3. Responsive mobile web design
  4. Administrative web access
  5. Multilingual/Multicurrency support.... and more